When The Bully Becomes the Hero


I’m not trying to pick a fight here, but there are two sides to every coin and maybe bullies aren’t all bad? Maybe, in certain situations, in certain professions, bully-type personalities are exactly who we need to get the job done. Bullies are vilified, often for good reason, but perhaps they have a few redeeming […]

How Does Your Childhood Shape You?

hope floats

I watched two movies this week – August: Osage County with Julia Roberts (in theaters) and Hope Floats with Sandra Bullock (1998). Both are great movies, but I was expecting Osage County to be like Hope Floats. Yeah – it wasn’t. Not even close. Hope Floats is funny and poignant and has a happy ending. […]

What Keeps A Warrior In The Fight?


When caught in a war, what’s the more powerful motivator – obligation/duty or love? Desperation or rage? Now – let’s be fair – I could look at history and pull out examples of exemplary valor in both instances, but when the rubber meets the road in your own life, what would keep you on your […]

What Would You Do To Keep Your Family Together?

fast and furious 6 movie poster

I watched Fast and Furious 6 last week. What lengths would you go to, to keep your family together? It takes more than a simple grand gesture – don’t believe everything you see in the movies! What would you do to restore your family? What lengths would you go to, to bring a loved one […]

Are You A Fraud?


Fake it til you make it. Ever said that to yourself?Ever been given a job or a task that’s just a little beyond you? Ever spent those first few weeks fairly convinced that at any moment your boss is going to figure out you have no idea what you’re doing and fire you? This past […]

Being Iron Man In A Captain America World

I’m not a fan of rules. Generally. Rules suck all the fun out of practically everything. I like to think outside the box, color outside the lines, forge my own path  — just because. Do people like that drive you completely insane? A while ago I was challenged to learn my Myers-Briggs classification (it’s ISFP […]

Everyday Deeds That Keep Darkness At Bay


Have you ever considered the ripple effects of even the smallest gesture of kindness or act done in the name of justice? I’m a huge movie fan, and a LOTR nerd, so you know I saw The Hobbit this weekend. I’m not going to review the movie – hundreds of other bloggers have done that […]

Why Watching Movies Is Not A Waste of Time

movie clipboard

I love stories in many formats, genres and time periods. The hubs and I especially love watching movies together (I even worked at Blockbuster Canada for the 10 free rentals a week). Over the years, I’ve watched a lot of movies, but some moments, some scenes, some characters – they stay with you and sometimes […]