When Thor Came To Visit

She demanded he hand over the hammer. He ordered her to give up her guns. And the storm clouds started to gather...

Today I’m doing something a little different on the ole blog – a one time deal. Hope I don’t offend anyone – just a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun. Back in August a blogging friend Debra Kristi invited friends to host Thor – the God of Thunder on a blog tour around the world. My desk […]

The Ending Debate: Make Mine Realistic

Frodo Baggins

I’m in a blog debate this week: the ending debate. How do you like your stories to end? Make mine realistic. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post inspired by the movie Snow White and the Huntsman. My post on Twitter sparked a flurry of amicable controversy between myself and 3 fellow […]

Denial: Rearranging Deck Chairs

Titanic movie poster

I watched James Cameron’s Titanic last night. Seemed appropriate given the 100th anniversary of the demise of the ‘unsinkable’ ship. I watched the people in full-out kool-aid drinking denial, and generally ignoring what seemed apparent to anyone with eyes and ears. But, hasn’t everyone rearranged the deck chairs from time to time? Freud identified 3 […]

The Quiet Hero Revolution


I love watching movies, it’s almost an addiction. I worked at Blockbuster because they gave me 10 free rentals A WEEK and I got to watch all the new movies before the release date. I go to the theater once, sometimes as much as three times a month – and we LOVE the drive-in in […]