Getting Too Caught Up In The Moment

What’s the craziest thing a younger-you did to get the attention of a cute guy? C’mon ladies, fess up. We’ve all gone way over the top when flirting, giggled, laughed when the joke wasn’t finished, wore something too tight-too low-too see through, at least once.


Me at Medieval Times with my winning Knight and the coveted flower in hand.

I bought my mom tickets to Medieval Times in Toronto many years ago. My mom is a huge fan of historical fiction, and I have a double major in English in History so we went together. We had an absolute blast! It was so much fun eating ‘baby dragons’ and ‘dragon’s toes’ and the horses were the very best part. We looked up our genealogy, and went through the torture chamber after I got up the courage to walk past the dude dressed as a executioner.

But the best part is when I got a flower.

If you’ve been to Medieval Times, you know that the horse’s ring is the stage and patrons are seated around the ring in different color zones corresponding to the different knights. You’re encouraged to cheer for your knight and the knights threw carnations into the crowd. And I wanted one. Mostly I wanted to catch the attention of said knight and figured the flower was my best chance to do that.

Ugh – why are girls like that? I want to go back and smack that kid. She didn’t need a guy’s attention to determine if she was attractive, or worth getting to know.

I cheered and waved. Nothing too exuberant. Every knight kept picking these little kids to give the flowers too. So I stepped up the cheering a notch. My mom rolled her eyes and laughed at me. Still nothing.

I half rose out of my chair, waved my hands, and maybe cheered a little louder than was necessary. Hey, he was pretty cute. The cheering got louder, the waving got bigger. I did everything but stand on a chair. The very last carnation he gave away, he threw at me. I won! Have I mentioned I’m a tad competitive?

After the show, I got a picture with my knight with the coveted flower.

LOL Yeah – so not worth it. After all that I didn’t even have the courage to ask him his real name. But we had a lot of fun and some great memories.

Can you top my getting-a-guy’s-attention story?

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    That is too cute, and nothing that should make you want to go back and smack your younger self. I think all girls – or at least most of them – are hardwired to have crushes on dreamy guys. Now if you were thirty, forty, or fifty-something (like the women on a website where I can play 3D Mah Jongg), then I would encourage you to start slapping. 😀

    Can I top your story? Probably not, but I was so shy at the time I just wanted to blend in with the woodwork when I was a kid.
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