DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas

It’s Friday so I’m Fumbling With Being Green again. My video assistant is at school for lunch today, so there’s no vlog. Just as well, this way I don’t have to worry about changing out of my sweatshirt and yoga pants. :)

I’ve been festering all week trying to figure out how to build a vertical garden. I think it would just be a fantastic use of space – and I’m all about efficient (except when my procrastination gets in the way – I know, I’m an enigma). Until I started doing a bit of research, I didn’t realize how popular this idea was – especially in the urban farming community. There are hundreds of ideas out there on how to create a vertical garden.

I want a vertical vegetable garden, so I skipped over the living walls and living art posts. They’re alright, but in my house plants belong in a pot. I have 3 kids and 2 dogs – there are safety concerns (I’m concerned about my carpet mostly) I have been drooling over Wooly Pockets and other ‘just assemble’ kits you can buy online, but they’re not my idea of affordable (ie/ mostly free).

A quick twitter chat with fellow blogger Shawna Coronoda at The Casual Gardener opened my eyes. A vertical garden upcycling pallets? How cool is that? Plus, I’m totally envious of her fairy garden – that looks like a lot of fun.

So, I did a bit of digging (pun intended) and this is what I found. Anyone interested in taking up the vertical garden challenge with me? Bonus points if you can include some kind of fairy element to it :P

Fun ways to upcycle old things for a vertical garden. Really creative stuff here.

How to turn a pallet into a Garden by Life on the Balcony

Here’s HGTV’s version of the danmade vertical garden – Not sold on this design myself.

Here’s Patrick Blanc – lots of inspiration ideas here. The creator of the vertical garden/living wall. This is solidly in the way-too-big-not-for-me category – but the pics are fabulous.

Great list of questions to ask yourself before getting started vertical gardening.

A vertical garden using reclaimed rain gutters (eave strophes) Very cool.

A prettier version of the diy pallet garden.

DIY vertical garden upcycling shoe organizers.

The Garden Girl has a bit of a different take on it. Fun video below. Go big or go home.

Will you be planting a garden this summer? Would you consider vertical gardening?


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      I asked my girls if they would build a fairy garden with me and they both just looked at me funny. I think it’s a fabulous idea myself :P

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    I’m with Coleen. I have such a black thumb. :( I need an intervention. Someone come save my plants. LOL But I still want to try something down my barren side yard. Maybe, when time and money permits.
    Debra Kristi recently posted…Enriched Through Spontaneity

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      Ugh – that’s a huge bugbear for me. Why is gardening so darn expensive? I’ve decided this year I’m not buying one more plant for my garden. I’m going to do plant exchanges, etc. Go to yardsales and upcycle containers. I’m determined :P

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    I’m not much of a gardener, so I won’t be planting a vertical garden although it looks like a cool idea. I do want to try and have one pot out on the patio, though. Maybe herbs or strawberries. Oh, or tomatoes! I love those fresh from the garden. Since I’m going to be moving across the country away from my family, I’m either going to have to grow them myself or start going to one of those farmers market things. Right now, I just go visit my parents and eat what my step-mom grows. :)
    Emma Burcart recently posted…He Just Isn’t The One

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      Best of luck with the move. On a long move, it seems like something always gets broken :( Someday I’m going to have my own orange tree. Indoors, obviously – one of those mini ones I see in the nurseries. Someday.

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    I love the ideas! My partner made a compost bin out of pallets last year. I think that one of these vertical pallets would work great for strawberries. Ours tend to get eaten by something or rot a bit, so getting them off the ground would be great. I think I’d paint the pallet. I like the way the grain shows through that yellow on your prettier version link.

    For those without a green thumb, let me say that I am terrible with house plants but lots of fertilizer and compost has turned me into a great outside gardener. Oh, and one of those flat hoses with holes in it, and a timer.
    Ann Stanley recently posted…The Liebster Blog Award

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      I have to get one of those flat hoses someday. I’m just so cheap! This year, I want to set up a rain barrel of shape or description.

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    What a fabulous clip and great info, Lisa! I’m a container gardener, and vertical is a must. I’m still hoping to grow pumpkins. I try every year! *fingers crossed*

    Good luck,

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      Pumpkins sound ambitious. My kids brought home a pie pumpkin from a school trip and I made a pie with it. It tasted so much better than the stuff from a can. I’d like to try my own too.

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    Thanks so much for including my blog post in your list of links! I’ve added this blog post to our vertical gardening stack on Delicious – I completely agree with you on the expense of gardening, and it’s something I’ve struggled with as first a student and now as a National Service Volunteer. There are inexpensive ways if you have patience (something I do not have spades of myself!) If you do not mind growing seeds they are usually inexpensive, and the dollar stores like Dollar Tree have begun selling the peat pellet seed starting trays for a $1! Another option is to buy perennials at the end of the season. They don’t look as pretty, but with a little loving care they will be beautiful over the next growing season! I have a fern that I bought from Wal-Mart that was half-dead 2 years ago for a couple dollars, and now it’s beautiful :o) Good luck with the gardening!
    Danie recently posted…Updated: How To Can

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      You’re welcome – and thanks! Yes – I’ve been surprised at some of the great gardening finds to be had at the Dollar Store.


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