Fumbling With Being Green

As a freelance writer, I try to do my part for social justice and responsibility to raise awareness, highlight the issues, and offer practical suggestions on how to help. Being an advocate is important to me. I try to be Green in my home life – I recycle, I compost, etc. However, I find a lot of ‘green’ initiatives just end up making me feel guilty. I fumble with being Green.

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This is the first in what I hope to make into a weekly series exploring being practically Green. I try to do my part for the environment. I have a sulphite allergy (it’s a preservative) so I try to avoid prepackaged, precooked, canned foods and eat fresh when I can. But at the same time I’m married with 3 kids, and employed full-time (albeit from home). I’m busy. I’m all for going Green, but it has to be practical, easy, and not take a lot of my time to maintain.

I’ll be posting vlogs of my latest schemes. They all aren’t going to work, and I’m resigned to the fact that I’m going to fail at maintaining others. The hubs is already raising his brows over some of my ideas “You want me to build what…?” But it’s all good. So, if you’re interesting in joining this adventure, I’ve started a Pin Board on Pinterest for inspiration called Going Green/Urban Farming. If you’d like to contribute to the board, leave your Pinterest username in the comments and I’ll add you as a contributor :)

Current Experiments

Citrus scented vinegar cleaner – If you put grapefruit peels in a mason jar of vinegar it’s supposed to make citrus scented vinegar you can use to clean with. I don’t like grapefruit so have substituted orange peels. It takes a month to juice up, so I’ll let you know if it works.

Kitchen Herb Garden – I’ll be planting seeds today in upcycled containers for my indoor kitchen herb garden. Will vlog next week about my progress/success/failure.

I’m on the lookout for a used/old/unsafe wooden ladder to upcycle into a vertical garden for a batch of ever-blooming strawberry plants I’ve ordered. (Yardsale season doesn’t start here typically for another 6 weeks, but we’ve had an extremely early spring so I’m hopeful.) Anyone heard of woollypocket.com? Interesting concept for vertical gardening – I’m looking for a cheaper substitute to expand my vegetable garden space that’s up and off the ground and away from stray soccer balls and pets.

On another note, I was tagged in the Meme 7 game again. Totally forget who tagged me – pls leave a comment and I’ll plug in a link here to your blog :*( Sorry.

The rules: Go to page 77 of your WIP, go to line 7 and copy the next 7 lines into your blog post. I was previously tagged with game and posted an excerpt from the manuscript I’ve written with Marcy Kennedy on Amazon warriors Read an excerpt from page 77 here. Marcy was also tagged and posted an excerpt from page 7 of The Amazon Heir.

Today, I’ve pulled a manuscript out of a drawer to share. Every writer has at least one manuscript stuffed in a drawer hoping to rework it in some way to make it saleable. I’ve been working on this story for about 8 years – just can’t figure out how to end it. Marcy says I need to ‘plan’ *eyes rolling*. She’s probably right in the case. Anywho – here’s an excerpt from page 77 of The HouseKeeper And The Prophecy. Enjoy.

Aralyn’s throat ached each time she swallowed her tears. The moisture from the mud beneath her feet seeped into the soles of her boots and her toes grew cold. “I am ruled by none save my Fa.” The rote reply spilled off of her lips.

“You see what you wish to see, does not make it true.” Tarek said.

Kella stepped forward. “This once, I will show you what we speak of. We all serve a master and these have been yours.” She looked past Aralyn. “Show yourselves!”

Aralyn’s stomach clenched, and she spun. Two spies stood at her back, small in stature. Their lips moved with the words she heard in her mind: alone, a burden, her fault…


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    Good for you for going greener. Every step counts. My inspiration comes from reading blogs like No Impact man and My plastic free life (formerly Fake Plastic Fish). I aspire to such a green life.

    Loved the Lucky 7 excerpt. So wanting to know why she’s to blame and what she’s to blame for?
    asraidevin recently posted…Interspiration #472012

    • says

      I agree. I have a friend who not only makes her own bread, but buys wheat from a grainary and grinds her own wheat for bread. *shaking head* I applaud her effort, but that’s just not sustainable for me.

  2. says

    I try to be as green as possibly can work for me. Living in Oregon, it’s hard not to be green. I recycle and I buy earth friendly cleaners, but I don’t know if I could go so far as to make my own. I think my time is worth more than the few dollars it costs to buy it. Plus, with sensitive skin, I can’t be peeling citrus fruit. I love the idea an indoor kitchen herb garden, though! My step mom has a complete herb garden in pots just outside the kitchen door, and it is so fun to cook with fresh hers. I’m also curious to find out what a vertical garden is, although I know that is beyond what I can do. What a fun idea for a weekly theme!
    Emma Burcart recently posted…The Hair Color Commercial was Right!

  3. says

    I tried an outdoor herb garden, but things like Rosemary don’t winter here and it was such a pain to dig them up and bring them in the house for winter. I’m hoping a kitchen herb garden will make it easier to use fresh herbs because they’re readily accessible. We’ll see. I don’t have a south-facing window so it’ll be a challenge. :)

  4. says

    I am trying to use cloth bags for shopping. Those plastic bags are just collecting in my garage, and I have been reading about plastic bags gagging the ocean. It’s a small step. Maybe you can help us with more small steps. They will all make a difference.
    Janice Heck (@janiceheck) recently posted…H is for Hallelujah Chorus

    • says

      I try to use cloth bags as well, but I reuse the plastic bags for picking up after my dogs when we go for a walk. Need a greener solution for that mess, I’m thinking :)

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