Sounds of Spring

The birds are chasing each other, trees are budding, tulips are pushing up. Spring has arrived. But the birds and the bees aren’t the only ones coming out to play with the warmer weather.

two white swansThis is kind of a crazy post, I’m a little embarrassed to even write about it, but every spring this happens. Something must be in the air. Here where I live, there’s a month or two in the spring where it’s warm enough to leave your windows open at night and cool enough to leave the air conditioning off. It’s before the allergy season hits, before the mosquitoes are really pesky, and when being woke up by the birds is still pleasant.

Winter is so long here. Everyone stays shut up in their homes (except the hour or two after a snowstorm ends and everyone emerges to dig themselves out) and neighbors don’t generally chat. The thing about winter is the silence. Ever been out walking in the snow at night? Take away the sounds of the city, and there’s just silence. Your boots crunching on the snow – and not much else. Maybe a coyote in the country, a few chickadees or a blue jay. But spring is full of sound. Spring brings out the walkers, the gardeners, the kids, and the backyard enthusiasts. Everyone is buzzing with joy about the return of the warmer weather.

I love sleeping with my window open. I love the sounds of the crickets, the fresh breeze when the house has been shut up for months, falling asleep watching the stars. In fact, I would rather turn off the air conditioning in the summer and sleep with four fans and the window open, but the hubs won’t let me :( However, spring and fall, the window is open. Even when it rains, I try to leave it open just a crack when I can.

I like to sit by the window with my laptop or a book in the evenings. The neighbors, apparently, also like to leave their windows open. About 11PM it starts. Someone nearby begins to make love. You can hear them enjoying one another. I never know exactly who it is, you never hear names, but I can tell which side of my house it’s on, whether it’s across the street or behind us. And there’s little doubt what they’re about, or that they’re clearly enjoying themselves. Although, to be honest, usually it’s mostly feminine enjoyment :)

I shake my head and go back to what I’m doing. 10 minutes later, another neighbor starts. Within an hour, there’s been 4 or 5 couples filling the night air with their ecstasy – windows wide open.

You can actually track the progress down the street – like being back in school and listening to your neighbors sing Row Row Row Your Boat in a round. It makes me smile, because this means spring is really here. Are people making love all winter – sure, I mean, I assume they are. But there’s something primal about the contagious nature of spring that has everyone joining in to celebrate the warm weather in a way that echoes the birds…and the bees.

In the city, it’s so easy to go about your business and never speak to your neighbors. – for me it is anyway. We hide behind closed doors, behind suits and uniforms as we dash out the driveway. It’s nice to know that even in the city, there are some aspects of  humanity that remain common through the ages.

Do like to sleep with the windows open? What does spring sound like where you live?


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    Okay Lisa, this is so funny!! And now I am so curious about the people in your neighborhood! I can honestly say I have never heard those particular sounds of spring in my neighborhood. Maybe its because I live in the South–are we more repressed? I have no idea, but you have got me thinking Lisa. :)
    Coleen Patrick recently posted…Putting a Little Spring in Your Step

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    I never heard this when I lived in the north, but I’ve been in southern Ontario for almost 8 years, and I’ve moved three times within this city – and it happens every spring. haha.

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      Thanks! Yeah – I live in quiet neighborhoods. If they were regularly loud – doing THAT or other things I would shut my windows too.

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    I love spring. Really love it. Ok, I love all the season for their own special aspects but spring is so hopeful to me. I love how ripe it is with life and energy and your observations just proves this is very true. I do love to have the windows open but we don’t get the chance very often here. (central Texas). It goes from too cold to too hot in a blink.

    I’m actually surprised so many people are having exuberant sex with their windows down.

    You describe this phenomenon beautifully and somehow it feels like a special neighborhood love-fest! :)
    Ginger Calem recently posted…Locks of Love: My daughter’s Donation

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      Thanks! It’s weird right. No one talks about it or mentions it. It’s like this little neighborhood secret. Maybe they don’t hear each other – there’s just something in the air? Who knows. lol.

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    Wow, your neighbors are so freeing. We don’t hear that around here, but our neighbors have some dogs that go wild barking if anyone gets too close to each other when in the yard. When we sit in our hot tub they bark at us constantly if my husband sits too close to me. In spring we leave our windows closed 1) because of my daughter’s asthma and 2) for all the VERY noisy frog that come to lay their eggs in the pond in our back yard at this time of year. It wasn’t disclosed when we bought the house and the first year we experienced it the frogs invaded our dreams it was so crazy.
    Debra Kristi recently posted…Elves, Fae and Flash Fiction Make For This Immortal Monday

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    I love to sleep with the window open- but 99% of the time I’m working at night which means I sleep down stairs in the group home and away from hubby and I can’t sleep with the window open on the ground floor without my man to protect me- LOL

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      Awww – how sweet! You should definitely share your comment with him. What man wouldn’t smile after hearing that from his girl?

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    It’s nice to know that people are getting into the mood of spring:) I love to have my windows open. Right now the frogs on the water are beginning to croak again and the tree frogs are chirping, along with the call of our barred owl. Sometimes I hear sounds that are a little scary. I think that’s when our alligators are hunting down river:) Love your post, happy spring!!
    Kara Flathouse recently posted…Wildflowers In Texas And A Give Away!

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    Lisa, I didn’t expect that ending :-) Four or five couples? It’s like a symphony of sex. Great story, and perfectly titled.
    We only leave the windows open during the Summer, but my neighborhood is so quiet that we don’t hear others often–and certainly not the same sounds you do.
    Fabio Bueno recently posted…ROW80 Update 11 + What’s Cooking

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    This is the funniest blog post I’ve read yet — especially the description of how the sounds of love are like Row Row Row Your Boat! I’ve subscribed to your newsletter and “liked” your FB page. Thanks again for the terrific and brave post!

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    I love spring and love listening to the sounds, we have lots of tree frogs, alligators croaking, cranes, etc. but my parents made me too paranoid to fall asleep with windows open or doors unlocked…or candles burning. Love your descriptions, though!

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    Fantastic. LOL!!
    I love Spring! And even more so when we have an early one. Hubby and I BBQes last night and enjoyed a beer on the deck. We slept with the window open (although no night time noises like you get) and enjoy the night’s sounds. It’s just delicious!
    Great post!
    Natalie Hartford recently posted…Urban Word Wednesday: Ambisextrous

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    Alligators? Frogs? You all must live a lot further south than I do :) This only happens once or twice a year. Gosh – you must all think I’m a crazy voyeur to listen to that every night :) lol Appreciate all the comments.

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    LOL Fabio! A symphony of sex. That’s hilarious.

    Well you have very busy neighbors Lisa. I guess there could be worse things to listen to.

    But yes, I do love spring. Even living in SoCal spring is the best season. Even better than summer living near the ocean with overcast skies to look at.

    Now what do your neighbors say about you and your hubby with everyones windows open, eh? LOL! :)
    Karen McFarland recently posted…Perform in a Springtime Melody!

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    Hahaha, what a neighborhood! But I agree, spring is the best. I’m lucky to live in a place that’s fairly temperate year-round, so I have my windows, and the door to my deck, open as often as I can. I love the early mornings because I get to hear the birds, although the noises of crickets and frogs at night is also really pleasant.
    Lena Corazon recently posted…ROW80: We Are The Champions

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    I laughed when I read this because I’ve heard these signs of spring recently while away on trips. Twice in two different places – next door to me. HA!


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