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Is there one place on earth you dream of visiting? Used photos of this destination as your wallpaper? Bought the calendar? Seriously planned a trip there at least once? Is there somewhere you want to go so bad, you’re afraid if you actually get to go you won’t want to come home?

*head down – hand up*

I grew up hearing all about Ireland. My dad’s family immigrated here from Ireland, and the way my grandfather talked about it you’d think he just stepped off the boat (he didn’t – his father and grandfather didn’t either) with all the prejudices intact. Between learning songs by the Irish Rovers, and the Orange Lodge brainwashing – I spent most of my younger days dreaming of Ireland.

I once planned a beautiful 2 week vacation to Ireland in County Kerry. I was going to explore the Ring of Kerry, visit castles, eat in pubs, and write. But it didn’t work out. My kids have what I call my Irish trampoline now – because I used the money I’d saved for my Ireland trip on their trampoline after all my plans fell through.

I’ve Googled Ireland so often I think I’ve memorized the first 3 pages of the Google image search. Sad. I know. But there it is. I hate snow – sad thing for a Canadian, right? It hardly ever snows in Ireland – so I’ve read. I love rain. LOVE rain: the smell, the sound, walking in the rain. It makes me smile.

And, let’s not forget the most compelling reason to love Ireland – NO SNAKES! Yeah, bit of a phobia there. Thankfully, I don’t live in a part of the world where poisonous snakes are indigenous – but a snake is a snake is a snake. *body shiver*

One day, after I’m a bestselling author (don’t ruin it for me) I would love to own one of those old country houses that are drafty. I’ll sit in my bulky knit sweater with a roaring fire and a mug of hot chocolate and write. And it will be glorious.

So, thought I’d share some of my favorite photos of Ireland.

County  Wicklow

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Blarney Castle

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Tree Cave

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest


Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

County Kerry

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

You can see more of my Ireland pics on Pinterest. So – what about you? What is your dream destination? Do have a dream collection on Pinterest? Share :)

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    My dream vacation is to Italy, but to go somewhere to stay for a longer stretch, I’d definitely choose Scotland. Before I met Chris, I was seriously looking in to going to Scotland to do my PhD, and then after Chris and I got married, we even talked about moving there for six months while we were waiting for his immigration to come through. But the money was just never there for those things.
    Marcy Kennedy recently posted…3 Lessons on Reaching Your Goals from The Vow

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      My dream vacation includes being able to speak the language – which eliminates a good portion of the world – I know. I’m picky. Anywhere in Italy or someplace specific – like Florence? It’s supposed to be beautiful there. Had a penpal in Milan (yes, I’m dating myself now aren’t I – we actually used paper and stamps). Sent me fabulous photos of her hometown. I also had a penpal in Brussels – that’s a place I’d like to visit but not linger.

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    great post. I’d love to see the pyramids and Stonehenge and the Scottish Highlands. I’d love to re-visit New Orleans, and go to florida and South america and…well the list is long. thanks for sparking my imagination
    Louise Behiel recently posted…9 Steps to Finding a Therapist

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    Ii think my dream vacation spot is the opposite of yours. Mine is a tropical beach. Sun, sand, the ocean, a fruity cocktail and reading in a hammock. Then an afternoon nap and putting on a fancy sundress before a night out on the town. Perfect.
    Emma Burcart recently posted…You’re Worth Every Penny

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      haha – being hot and sweaty is almost as appealing to me as being cold. I prefer something with less highs and lows 😉 But thankfully our earth is diverse enough to suit all tastes :) Thanks for stopping by. Have a cocktail for me if you ever get there.

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    Oh my fellow Irish girl Lisa! I too have thick Irish roots and have been to Ireland. I did spend time in county Kerry. Spent time in Dublin, Waterford, Kilkenny, Cork, Kenmare, Killarney, Dingal, Limerick, etc. We made it a family trip and it was THE best trip we ever took. My maiden name was Murphy and my father’s mother was O’Brien. Thank you for the post and pics. I also will be posting an article about Ireland some day. This much have been so enjoyable for you. Had fun Lisa! Thanks! :)
    Karen McFarland recently posted…O’ Money Ain’t For Nothing!

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    Sweet Sicilia, Lisa. No doubt in my mind. Yes, I speak the language; and her mother blood runs through my veins. Are you familiar with the scene from The Godfather, where old man Pacino falls dead from his rocking chair? That scene belongs to my “If I could choose to die anywhere on Earth . . .” dream. From my lap, though kind young woman, first would fall your published novel, as green and hopeful as the Isle from which your family came.
    Anthony V. Toscano recently posted…The Love Vendor


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